Freedom to Dream

The “freedom to dream” initiative will offer a unique form of program to all Indigenous youth that will allow them to access support. That will provide them with what ever it may be to help these kids showcase their diverse creative expressions. The idea of this program is to uncover a creative intelligence that we know Indigenous kids posses, and to showcase that through the Bright Youth foundation to the public.

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Bright Youth Mentoring
A Mentoring Program, created to support any Indigenous Youth. It will offer a weeks mentoring with Bright Youth, which will help develop self-confidence and build self-esteem to create a positive outcome and provide our youth with the tools to become a leader in their community and amongst the youth. It will include ocean activities, training, health and wellbeing, general knowledge. 


Surf Schools
Surfing Clinics – The Bright Youth Foundation team will personally travel around NSW and Australia throughout the summer school holidays to conduct these clinics with our youth. The clinics will provide all the basic surf life saving procedures plus surfing lessons, all accessories needed will be supplied by The Bright Youth Foundation, as well as promoting healthy life style choices by providing a healthy food and drink, also helping to “reconcile” and “close the gap” between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous youth in the wide surfing/surf life saving community’s.