Surfing Schools

Surfing Schools – The Bright Youth Foundation team will travel around NSW and Australia throughout the summer school holidays to conduct these clinics with our youth. The clinics will provide all the basic surf life saving procedures plus surfing lessons, all accessories needed will be supplied by the bright youth foundation, As well as promoting healthy life style choices by providing a healthy food and drink, also helping to “reconcile” and “close the gap” between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in the wide surfing/surf life saving community’s.

Exercise and Wellbeing

At the Bright Youth Foundation we strongly believe by giving our Indigenous youth, as much opportunity’s to express them selves as possible can be instrumental in building a strong sense of self-confidence and hope.That’s why we strive to create a fun and positive environment for our youth to experience the ocean and all beauty that it has to offer, what better way to get our youth into a great sport such as body boarding. With a few basic stretches and warm ups the kids will be enjoying the ocean on a body board in no time!


The Bright Youth foundation will supply fresh fruit and all organic natural health drinks and vitamins to further educate and promote a healthy diet and lifestyle to all surf school attendants.


All youth that attend the Bright Youth foundation’s surf schools will be given complete access to all Bright Youth social media outlets such as Facebook Instagram etc. so all kids can be apart of the foundations ongoing support in all community’s.

Media Packages

Bright Youth Foundation collaborates closely with some of the most creative professional surf photographers and videographers in the industry, to bring full HD quality media packages to all family’s and friends to enjoy live over the foundations website.

To organise a Bright Youth Surf School in your area please contact us!