The “freedom to dream” Program will offer a unique form of support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids that will allow them to apply for support. That will allow them to pursue what ever it may be; so these kids can showcase their diverse creative expressions. The idea of this Program is to uncover a creative intelligence that we know our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids posses, and to showcase that through the Bright Youth foundation to the Nation.


We will support applicants through the following structures, which we at The Bright Youth Foundation know will build a strong sense of leadership; hope and bring about social transformation for our Indigenous youth.

Will Offer

Professional Media - We at the Bright Youth Foundation are pleased to offer our applicants the opportunity to create professional media packages. From full HD quality film to professional print media photographers. We believe that our passion for creating top quality media packages will benefit our youth immensely.

Sponsorship - The Bright Youth Foundation will offer our own in-house clothing range to all youth that participate in the “freedom to dream” Program. Helping to support our youth with supplying casual and sporting apparel to create a professional and positive image.
Financial Support - The Bright Youth Foundation will support the creative and expressive dreams our Indigenous youth have with a budget depending on the support needed, to be paid out to applicants who need to either travel purchase equipment competition fees etc.
Cliental - We promise to support our youth through every aspect of their dreams, we will use every resource and professional contact’s involved with the foundation to help secure a brighter future for our youth’s chosen dream.

ConclusionThe Bright Youth foundation will provide a safe supportive and positive environment. Which will build self-esteem, social inclusion, hope, and motivation.