The Indigenous youth of Australia are key to our nation. There is a spark, a history and a passion that exists like nowhere else on our planet, it needs only to be given room to breathe and room to grow. For every question there is an answer, for every challenge there is a solution. Every youth deserves the same opportunities to grow and I believe we can be the spark to a brighter future, whatever their passion.
We live in an amazing land, with amazing opportunity, but for various reasons this isn't always prevalent in our society. I believe inspiration and motivation are the first steps and most important steps towards personal development and personal freedom.
The history of this land and its cultures is unequaled in the world; its creativity and spark have survived many thousands of years. This strength needs to be recognised and given light in today’s society. It's a great honour to be a part of something so positive. I'm hoping I can be a positive role model, and an accessible part of the music industry.
We have a great industry in Australia, with many creative opportunities for the youth, hopefully I can help inspire and provide pathways and guidance for Indigenous kids interested in music no matter their geographical location.
I believe the vision of Bright Youth Foundation is crucial!

Lead Singer, 
Parkway Drive.