The Bright Youth Foundation will create a truly inspiring and motivational music program that will allow the creative nature of our Indigenous youth to flourish through music. We have a strong belief that music can inspire our youth in the most positive ways as well as stimulating their creative minds through the art of creating lyrics and music.

At Bright Youth we feel music has a strong inspirational effect for youth that share the passion of music regardless of genre, whilst building strong relationships with youth who share similar passions. Creating their own lyrics to introduce with their tailored beats and working along side Ambassadors like Winston McCall will also help aid in the development of self-accomplishment and self-confidence which is vital in our mission to “Inspire and Motivate” our Indigenous youth.
Exercise and Wellbeing
At the Bright Youth Foundation, we strongly believe in giving our Indigenous youth as much opportunity to express themselves, this can be instrumental in building a strong sense of self-confidence and hope.
That’s why we strive to create a fun and positive environment for our youth to experience all the programs we offer. No matter our location we will create a unique space to conduct our programs, we will also implement some physical exercise to aid in the wellbeing of our youth on a daily basis. We believe in doing so will allow us to achieve our goals in “inspiring and motivating” our Indigenous youth.
The Bright Youth foundation will supply fresh fruit and all organic natural health drinks and vitamins to assist our creative musicians in harnessing a productive mindset to create the best music. Winston will strongly promote the healthy and positive lifestyle they lead, which allows him to exert extreme levels of energy into their live performances showcasing all over the world!