Bright Youth Mentoring | Niyardu Collins

Bright Youth Foundation | Introduces - Niyardu Collins
Niyardu | Meaning - "The afternoon star"
The Bright Youth Foundation offers unique mentoring programs with proven results - Niyardu took part in a 12 day mentoring program that included Body Boarding, Diving , Screen Printing , Business Studies.

"It really improved his confidence and self-esteem"
"he is now aiming for merit awards and finishing school"
- Katrina Kelsey | Niyardu's Mum.

Dream Your Dream | James Gallaugher

James Gallaugher | Bright Youth Foundation | Young Ambassador

Bright Youth Foundation

Who We Are.

The Bright Youth Foundation will seek to inspire and motivate the Aboriginal and Torres straight islander youth of Australia, to support and spark the creative minds of our indigenous youth to create positive change to “reconcile” and “close the gap” for our future generations.”
To provide support for our Aboriginal and Torres straight islander youth through our scholarships, so they can have the freedom to actively express themselves creatively through their desired dreams..